I’m baaaaack!


Captain Awesome
I haven’t been keeping chameleons for about a year (I was laid off in 2012) but recently several friends have pitched in to help me get back in and I’m grateful for that. I think? :p My latest project to get me back into the swing of things is some CB Furcifer lateralis (Eastern Carpet Chameleon). I have a 2.2 group of various ages but most are about 7-8 weeks old right now. I’ll have to confirm some approximate hatch dates for my records. In the past I’ve worked fairly extensively with the Furcifer major (Southern Carpet Chameleon) but never these ‘regular’ lateralis so hopefully I can do this little group justice. I bought some neat acrylic enclosures from an upstart caging company at the Daytona show and plan to eventually have them planted and automated so all I have to do is feed. That will come with time.

Unfortunately my camera skills are a little rusty as I haven’t been taking pictures since I got out of chameleons but I guess that will improve with time too. Without further ado here is my new ungrateful posse.

Kinky (F3 female)

Kevin (F3 male)

Savanna (F5 female)

Cameron (F3 male)

Congrats on the new family members! Great lookin' crew ;). Cant wait to watch them grow up on the forums! :D
Welcome back! Now you can say good by to all that free you once had...AGAIN! Good looking group...those pupils are not relaxed lol.
Glad to see you with some lats. I have a 2.2 myself so i can just follow you along. But I think one of mine may be gravid - infertile- but gravid. She only weights 17g. A bit bigger than yours. Congrats.
Man, the blues on Kevin are just awesome!

And Savanna...well she's just sexy.

Congrats on the grabs! Really looking forward to seeing your project grow. ;)
Thanks everyone! :D I’ve been keeping reptiles for over 25 years so it was odd to not have something scaly in the house for the last year. I’m still letting them settle in but admittedly I am enjoying them despite their ungrateful attitude back.

I certainly didn’t miss locating small insects in this town and eventually cleaning and feeding the dang things. If I could automate that part it would be awesome. What I really need are minions for that.

For some of the newer members who don’t know me well, never ask for pictures for I have 1000’s of my chameleons and I’m not afraid to bore people with them so be careful what you wish for.

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