Hungry baby

Sam Carline

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My chameleon is roughly 15 weeks old and he seems to be eating between 15-20 crickets a day.

I just wanted to know if this was normal because some people I've spoken to have said to only feed him 5 a day? But he is hunting around for more food so I know he's still hungry.

Is he being greedy or is this normal? :confused:
If he's still hungry then keep feeding him IMO. If they're 15 small crickets that is normal, when people say only feed him 5 a day they may be thinking in terms of large crickets. My panther was the same at that age, he'd eat 10-12 small crickets 2x a day. But when I made the switch from small crickets to large crickets he doesn't eat nearly as many, maybe 7-9 large a day.
15-20 is perfectly normal. I feed my 3.5 month old 15-20 plus 10 phoenix worms a day. They need to eat alot to grow. I don't know who told you 5 crickets a day but whoever did I'm sure their cham is hungry most of the time.
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