How to make plant taller? Box under plant?

What can I use as leverage for a money tree plant in my chameleons enclosure? The tree is about a foot long but I don’t want it sitting at the bottom of the cage... not sure what to do to make it taller.

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I just stuck an empty pot of the same size inverted and under the short plant.


Bricks also work. If they're too heavy, try pieces of scrap 2x4 stacked like a Jenga tower.



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I'm wanting to use bricks for my new Enclosure. But Carly goes to the bottom sometimes or runs away. When she does she climbs on everything, so I would be afraid she would scrape or hurt herself with the bricks


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Suspended plants definitely or as i like to call it floating garden. Only thing on floor of mine is lay bin. need access to clean out bottom tray regularly & anything that needs to be moved to carry this out becomes a choir or a potential corner to be cut🙂


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