How to keep humidity up

Sure I’ll try to get something when I get home , but it’s pretty easy Home Depot sells 1/8 inch acrylic it’s super easy to cut with a Skil saw just lay it flat on some plywood that you can cut into . Cut it to size stick a glob of silicone in all four corners I left the screens on and stick it on . I use gorilla tape to hold it in place till it dries . It’s really not rocket science
I still want to see how people set it up :)
I just bought a larger Reptibreeze and struggled with the humidity in the evening. My levels were about 55% during the day and highest of 68% at night. I covered 1 side and the back as they were against the wall anyway so wouldn’t make much difference in looks wise. I covered them in a photographers backdrop of a woodland and trees. It looks great and really gives it a great depth perception. My little man doesn’t try and ‘run’ for it or cling to the branches in the picture. I just sealed it around the frame with double sided tape. I bought it off of Amazon for about £10.
This works a treat and would recommend rather than a shower curtain. I hope this helps some of you. 😊


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