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I have some fairly hard sticks. I have tried the pushpin method out on my brand new 2x2x4 cage for Monty, and it didn't work too well and scraped a very small section of the paint off the screen as well as sagged a part of the screen which was only like one tiny part but I pushed it back.

I'm thinking about drilling holes in either side of the stick, then using fishing line or telephone wire to tie off the sticks from the outside, but I am afraid that the weight of the sticks will affect the screen.

Any help?
PVC pipe in an "H" with the middle part of the H running across the center of the top screen creates an anchor point to hang whatever you want. From that point you can use zip ties to tie varying diameter branches together to creat the entire network for your cage. The only hole in the screen is the single spot where you run your wire/screw eye, or whatever you use to attach to the PVC pipe. Requires 2 tees and straight PVC pipe to make the H. I use 3/4 for my cages but 1/2" would work ok too. I have some pics at our Facebook in my sig below. Let me know if you want more examples.
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This is an example of the pvc pipe, single anchor point, and plant with branches hanging from the top center of the cage. I used wire through a hole drilled in the center of the pvc pipe cross member. A loop inside the cage holds everything else. Hope this helps.
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Use your arm muscles to push the pin in.


Why not stand them vertically in corners?

Or, you could drill a screw through the frame, and into the stick?

Or, use a tack nail instead of a pin, and hammer it in.
If you wanted to try the hot glue gun, you can buy one at a hardware store for less than $20. I've tried thumb tacks, some of the branches will spin when your cham uses them. I wouldn't recommend using tacks.
Hey guys. I used fishing line :D Works like a charm. Monty's weight won't even be a problem for the screen at all.


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