how often does it poo and pee ?


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hi everyone i am new to here and have a jackson baby
i have a couple of questions ...

1.does the cham eat regularly ? cos i use to mist the enclosure in the morning and give him crickets ( free ranged ) . and he usually drinks alot but i couldnt see him eat.. even the cricket pass by him he still show no sign of interest ...
so should i still let the cricket free ranged or keep them in a container ?

2 . how often does the cham go pee pee and poopoo ...... my big sam eats around 5 crickets a day and he has already come to my home for three days and i had only seen him excrete once ...... ( with white and black soften feces).

3. apart from crickets... are there any other food can introduce to a 3-month old cham ?

well to answer the "pee pee and poo poo" question. its like a bird the pee pee and poo poo come in one load. as for going they will pretty much go as much as they eat, for example if the eat alot, they will poo alot. im sure if you have the crickets roaming inside the cage and hoping they do not escape, im sure he is eating and hunting when he is hungry. about the different foods, fruit flies and house flies are good feeders for babies because they are a good stimuli for chameleons and can keep them entertained for a good time. also small silkworms, and mealworms. ive heard that phoenix worms are also good feeders but myself i have never used them. well good luck with big sam, hope that i could have been of some help to you
thx johnny but one more question
will the cham cease eating before he shed ?
cos i saw there are some small white pots which looks like some worn out skin appear on his belly and horn .....and he eat less than yesterday which had only swallowed 2 crickets today ...

abit worry cos people said jackson baby are hard to raise
When a chameleon defecates, as John33871 said...everything comes out together. There should be a part that looks like a miniature brownish sausage as well as a white part. The white part is the urates. There is often a bit of liquid that is about the consistency of partly set jello.

You asked..."will the cham cease eating before he shed ?"....some do and some don't.
I can always count on my cham to poop every morning in the same exact spot. It makes it really easy to clean up. He only poops once a day.
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