How often do CHAMS SHED?

It depends on how old they are and how quick they are growing. A young animal growing quickly is going to be shedding more often than a fully grown adult with little growing to do.
I was in Cali from July 26 to August 26 so I didn't weigh him the past several weeks(i left him in OK at a friends house), and don't have an exact date on his shed......but he was just under 5 months old when I first weighed him(hatched on Dec 28th). They start to shed less and less as they age.

05/14/2013 28g

05/21/2013 46g

05/22/2013 Shed

05/28/2013 56g

06/04/2013 64g

06/08/2013 Shed

06/11/2013 68g

06/18/2013 72g

06/25/2013 76g

07/02/2013 84g

07/09/2013 88g

07/18/2013 Shed

08/??/2013 Shed

08/27/2013 102g
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