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i have a 4 month old vieled male and i have no idea how much to feed him. it seems like he will eat all that i give him. i usually feed him 10-15 small crickets a day. is that too much? too little? how many should i feed him once he is young adult and then adult? please help... i dont want a FAT unhealthy cham.

thanks -aaron.
best thing to do is post a pic of how he looks right now and many members experienced with veileds will tell you how his weight looks
At 4 months old he is still growing. In my opinion 10-15 of 1/2" size is good. Make sure you are suplimenting and gut loading.

As adults you will feed them everyother day. The number may decrease on how many feeders. At that time you need to moniter and adjust to keep a heathy weight.

That feeding ratio seems about right to me but the above is correct, sight is the best way (besides a scale and graphs ofcourse).

My vields have always eatin pretty much anythign you put infront of them.

My current one is about 7 months and eats 6-8 large every other day, plus a treat every third feeding (by hand to increase bonding).

Over feeding can be as bad as under feeding, esp in fast growing chams like vields.
wow thanks alot guys! that helps alot! he looks pretty healthy right now but i can try to put some pics up soon!
On veileds you will know if you are feeding them to much by the casque and the tail. The casque is will start to round and not be so triangle and the tail will round to. I have a 4 month old right now and feed him about what Frank said with a couple worms mixed in.
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