How do I dry out bamboo for my chameleon cage?!


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So I just got a new male Veiled chameleon and I just finished setting up his new encounter for the most part. I have live bamboo in my backyard and I wanted to cut a few small stalks to put in his cage but I have no idea how to bake out the parasites and everything inside the bamboo. Does anyone know if bamboo's safe? And if so what's the degree to put the oven on and for how long? Please help !! Thank you


Im pretty sure that bamboo is safe. Ive seen several threads where people have bought bamboo from local home improvement stores and used it in their enclosures. As far as using live bamboo that you cut down, Im not sure what process you would need to take to make it safe for your enlcosures. It might even be possible to dig it up and plant it in a pot and put it in your enclosure alive. Someone else will have to verify that. Im still all new to this myself.
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