Hotel near Legoland

I need help from the S.D. crew
My son has a karate tournie Sunday the 10th. So i figured since we are down there we would go to Legoland.
But I have no idea where to stay, it can be Carlsbad or Oceanside.
Any help will be much appreciated


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Ocean side has some hotels right off the 5, pm me this sat and I will get u the names of some good ones.


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There is a Hilton across from the beach next to the freeway, five minutes away from Legoland. A bit pricey but the ocean breeze in the evening is priceless. But I am sure you know that. ;)
Ib, thank you i will!
Rafael, I stare at the ocean all day!, live in it, work in it, Dillan is a Summerland "Wave" @ school. But I know you know where I live :)
For you however, you are in the "desert" to me!! Is it over a 100 yet?
It looks like most of the hotels
are near the water?

Dean Pulcini

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I dont know about hotels but that place is cool. I went on vacation with my family and when my wife said we were going to lego land I was like what come on can't we do something else. I was wrong cool place I like New York the best all the cities were cool.
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