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Charlie is around 6 months old, and quite a character. He enjoys coming out of his cage to hang out on his tree near the window. Usually that keeps him content, but lately he has been bouncing off the walls. He wants out, constantly... and once out he lunges around for objects to go where ge wants (doors, walls, etc). I am hesitent to take him out when gets that ways as I worry about him falling.

My female veiled is on another floor and out of sight, however, we ocassionally pass her cage depending on what area I let him free range. They are across a 12+ foot room if he is on the upstairs tree. Clarice doesn’t pay him any mind but Charlie definitely notices her in passing.

Is this normal hormonal teenage behavior? Does he know there’s an equally hormonal teenage girl in the house? I haven’t been bringing him upstairs any longer but his restlessness persists. Its a new behavior for him in the past few weeks. He bumped up to a new enclosure (that had a plant setup he would frequently free range on)... but he was acting this way before the move.

Just curious. A google search showed me many pictures about the chameleon birds and bees... but not much else. Thanks for any input!


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His hormones are running a muck.... a muck a muck a muck :p Beman started doing this as well about that age. Always wanting to explore. Even in his big enclosure he will crawl to every single point in it top to bottom. When he is out he does the same thing.
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