Holy crap, EGGS!!! HELP

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AWWWW I woke up this afternoon to mist the chams and while misting the F Carpet I saw something that I thought was some wicked nasty poo! After looking at it for another second I saw that they were eggs!

She did not dig a hole or anything, and heck I did not see the colors that she was going to lay them... Just poop poop poop, and now I have 8 little eggs I have no idea what to do with! I took them out of the cage and put them into a little lid that I have... What do I do with them now? Awwwww kinda took me off guard. Advice please...

Oh, also... 2 of them fell to the very bottom of the cage where a few cricks got to em :( I think they are toast, however 4 are still looking good...
Carpet chameleons often do this from what I have read/heard.

If you have just let them sit in a lid with no humidity, they may be no good. They should have been put into some slightly moist vermiculite in a container with a lid on it and put in a dark place that the temperature is appropriate for incubating them.

This site has information on incubating them...

Hopefully she laid them all. Do you have a place in the cage where she could did to lay them? if not, I would set something up ASAP in case she isn't done....or so it will be there for the next time....they retain sperm so she could lay more eggs soon.
did the nasty happen? because it seems like you were not expecting eggs, but if no fertilization just throw them away, but im sure you know that. just seemed funny to me. anyways good luck

It doesn't matter if they're a little dry. Call me. I'll walk you through what to do. I've had completely shriveled up dry eggs hydrate up and hatch. I took them out of a dry cloth bag from an imported female. No problems at all. Talk to you soon.
How are they? eeeeeh, I would have to say not too good... She spit out 9 total, 5 I was able to save... And by save I mean they did not have holes in them. The 5 are now in a plastic tub with vermculture or whatever you call it with some water in the bottom... The eggs dont look good at all, I would say they look like a golf ball with large indents in the eggs, the shape is correct however it looks like a cave in or something :( Is this normal or are they toast?

I will give Mike a call tomorrow and see what he says... Lord willing they are not a total loss...

The girl is looking good now tho, she looks alot less fat and eating like a pig... :)
That doesn't sound good, but call me anyways. Hope you can save some. Your Vermiculite sounds very strange. Just call me.
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