Hey guys! Guess why I love warm weather?!

Discussion in 'Chameleon Food' started by Andee, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. Andee

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    I personally hate warm weather, today I broke out in a heat rash because it doesn't agree with my body. But one thing I do love about warm weather is my reptiles grow and eat like crazy, but so do my insects! I have put a halt on selling because of the need to let my colonies grow and stabilize (therefore I didn't repost my ad), but my colonies are growing much faster than expected, my dubias have a huge amount of nymphs that are close to turning into breeders (yays!) and I have new nymphs being born every week. Of course I am feeding everyone like crazy, because the heat skyrockets in the garage even with almost all heat sources turned off, and so they need lots of healthy water sources. Thankfully I have lots of healthy things to feed not only that I buy locally but also growing in my backyard. My super worm beetles are super active, I have caught tons of mating behaviors and expect eggs/larvae within a couple weeks. My isopod colony is already growing to the point where I need to go and get more oak to feed the isopod dried leaves. I also need to add more soil (which I am blooming some coco fiber now) and I will be fluffing it with some moss since they've destroyed most of that too. The colony will explode with some new untouched soil. Those stick nymphs you got @laurie have grown to a size where you might not have to raise many of them for long at all and a lot should be able to be fed off immediately from the looks of things. OMG they are growing. My single adult female is doing relatively well still, I am babying her by misting the enclosure and specifically her twice a day if not more depending on the heat levels and they cooled nicely for a bit and a lot to drink. I almost have around six or so nymphs who are almost adults when just 5 days ago they had two molts to go until they reached this size. I have never seen everyone grow this fast o.o Happy babies <3
  2. Remkon

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    I barely slept last night because of this stupid warm weather! I was so fed up with it I ordered an air-cooler at 5 AM !!!
    We all know this air-cooler will end up with the chameleons and next year I will have the same issue again...
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  3. Andee

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    Only we understand your pain
  4. Twitchet

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    Sounds like those insects are doing super well Andre, don't do well in hot weather either but have wished for some so all the chams can get outside, however yesterday it was too hot and kept everyone inc the Yemen indoors,
    Remko- hot here too, think a cooler is needed! I saw you online as I woke up early and looked at the forums for a while! Lol
    think I'm going off to Amazon, have a look at them, not for me though, it's for the chams, but I know they'll be grateful :LOL::rolleyes:
  5. Andee

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    are chameleons ever actually grateful? or just more tolerant of our presence because we did something nice for them? xD
  6. jamest0o0

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    Gotta say, I'll be the one person here then in defense of the heat(y) I hatee our winters here. Barely snows, but very cold, icy, grey, depressing... if you get SAD my city is probably one of the worst places to be lol. Glad to see your bugs are doing Well! Looking forward to buying more off you in the future!
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    Please forgive me Andee as this is not exactly on topic - I have a bad habit of doing that, but I just had to say I don't want to hear anyone complaining about heat. It's 117 degrees here today and tomorrow it's going to be 119!!!!!:(:eek::confused:

    Of course I'm just joking around but it really is that hot here. Back to the original topic - I'm happy to hear the bugs are enjoying your weather! I still hope some day to get some stick insects from you but we won't be shipping them in the Summer!!!
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  8. Andee

    Andee Chameleon Enthusiast

    In the UK apparently the are having a horrible heat and are hitting the triple digits (in farehnheit)

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