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I just wanted to update everyone on my chameleon Hermie, with MBD. I took him to the vet today for new xrays. His bones appear to be showing up slightly better on xray, meaning that hopefully they have regained some of thier density (though they still are not looking good). His bones ARE healing crooked, especially one of his back femurs, but both ends are touching which will allow them to fuse. He is so small and fragile the vet doesn't feel that it is realisitic to put pins in his leg like she would do for a larger animal. Also his spine and jaw are both showing up very nicey on the xrays, meaning that they still are unaffected.

What I feel is the more positive news though is that he is moving around more, and can hold himself up off the ground more (before he kind of crawled/slithered around). His back legs are imobilized at the knee so he has a hard time walking at the angle they are being held at, but he manages. And even better: He ate his first crickets today in about 5 weeks, in fact he ate five of them!:D His coloring is very nice again -- bright green with yellow stripes. He also LOVES apple sauce and will eat about 3 ccs a day. We started mixing a little vitamin dusting powder in it once or twice a week, since he wasn't getting dusted crickets.

I don't feel like we are out of the woods yet, but we're continuing to take a few steps forward little by litte.
Jam... Not only do I give 3 cheers to Hermie, but I also give 3 cheers to you for being so diligent, loving, caring, and dedicated in taking the time and energy for bringing Hermie back to at least a healthy state again.

Yay Hermie!!! Yay Jam!!! :)
I am really happy to hear he is doing better, what a great mom you are for hanging in there. You two were my insperations to fight to help SweetPea. She also is doing much better.

Amy and SweetPea:D :D :D
Thanks everyone, Hermie deserves most of the credit though. If he hadn't decided to keep fighting there was nothing that I could have done. He climbed up on his potted grass last night and slep there all spread out on it, I wish that I had gotten a picture. I knew when i got him that he was a tough little guy, and he sure has proven it to be so.
It is great to hear this good news. I hope he continues to do well so that he can have a decent quality of life with you:)
I have some more good hermie news! My mom went in tonight to turn out hermies light and put him to bed and much to her surprise ... he was walking around on the TOP edge of his cage. We had only screened half of it for his lights, to increase air flow. The only thing that we can figure out is that he climbed up on his grass, (which is a good 5 inches below the top of the tank), and the stretched up to the top screen, and used that to get up. My goodness, who would have thought it with four broken legs three of which are in splints! But we'll take the good news. Tomorrow he will get a full screen for the top of his cage, the little bugger!
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