HELPPP! film over eye!


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i thought my chameleon was sleeping with his eyes open but it turned out one of his eyes was crusted over with a clear film! i am freaking out it does not look very good please help!
didn't you just say your chamleon had a shed? Is it possible it is leftover shed? Also is your cham awake at this time of night?????????
Put some warm water on his eye, with something soft, cotton ball, paper towel...and gently get it off his eye, or maybe put him in the shower and see if he can get it off himself..!?

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No my chameleon hasn't shed with me chameleon is sleeping right now so it is very hard to give him any treatment at this time....again the crusted eye is still open while sleeping.
i can try its kinda of hard to tell in picture though. If i need to take her to a vet does anyways know a great reptile vet near las angeles?
oh sorry, got you mixed up with someone else about the shedding. Don't disturb your cham now of course. Wait until tomorrow and I would mist with warm water. Spray it on him(a light mist) even if he doesn't like it and maybe it will loosen up the film or whatever it might be. The water will help him clean his eye out. Of course, if it persists, I would have to say a vet visit would be in order to find out what is going on.
its hard to tell even if its person but if u look close u cant see his actual pupal it almost looks like when a snake is going into even looks like there is no actual eye in there at all
To me, that looks fine. Chameleon eyes are set very far back from the lids. It's often hard to see the eye.

I would mist a bit more to get that bit of shed off, but it doesn't scream problem to me. I might be wrong though so see what others say.
I honestly don't think you have a problem. Maybe contact a vet and ask what he/she would charge for a basic "health check"?
the thing is....he is sleeping right now and the crust is not from a shed and his other eye is closed. It is very hard to tell from the picture i have given to see the situation.
i woke up and it was still kind of there ...but i misted him and he start to rub his eye against the vines. As of now i do not see the film anymore and he doing fine. I think as long as i keep misting with warm water for the next week keeping the humidity a little higher he will do fine :)
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