Help with Pygmy gender, please..

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I picked these two up as a pair, a few weeks ago. I even named them accordingly ..and thought "Telma" was gravid. However, with prolonged observance and confusing states of "belly size" from day to day.. fat one day, skinny the next.. I am proper confused. :p

I hope you can tell me something from these pics I just took after their snack..


This is the one I call, Luis. The one that is always skinny'ish... more patterned.. usually, darker.


Telma ..a little cow most days, but quite often just as patterned as Luis.. almost always this lighter color.

I haven't seen any "action" ..nor have I found any eggs. They pretty much stay to themselves in the 2x2 Exo vivarium.

What do you think? I'm beginning to suspect I have 2 males...
Here's a pic from the original ad they were posted in (the pic has since been removed from the ad, or I would've posted a link to it).

So, in my ignorance.. I do have 2 of the same gender ..just not 2 males.

Fair enough.. Telma and Louise is a much easier transition :)
To sex pgymy's look at the length of the tails and how the base of the tail is size wise leaving the body. I am not so sure you don't have a pair. Can you get a close up of each of them? Or just ask Julirs she sex them in her sleep.
Ok guys I am sure on the one on the left in the second picture but can't see the whole tail on the one on the right, how can you tell?
Males have longer and thinner tails (probably to help with mating, better leverage ;)) , Females shorter stubbier tails.

Its real easy to see the difference side by side. (trying to get good pictures of mine darn cameras sucks)
If it helps, these 2 have identical tails as far as length and width goes, so I'm leaning toward females. I guess I just thought males due to the amount of pattern they both have.. obviously a misconception of some info I was given.

Thanks everyone! :)

Maurer3D ..I'd still like to see pics of yours, of course! I love looking at Pygs!
Here's some cute pygs to look at, if I do say so myself! ;)

Also there's a pic of my male in that thread so you can see the tail length on him. Yours both look like girls to me too. If one was fat looking and now isn't she may have laid eggs. That's the only way I know mine laid. The eggs are near impossible to find!
Thanks.. so Telma and Louise it is!! :D

As for fat.. Telma was really a fatty when she first got home. She got progressively wider and wider by the day.. then one day, she looked like she got flattened "cartoon style". I was convinced she must've laid some eggs somewhere, but 2 days later, she was really fat again. Hahaha! :eek:

The crazy thing is, she's not the fastest to hunt and catch bugs either.

Cute Pygs, ferretinmyshoes :) Btw, Tiberius' tail is uber long compared to my two. Wow!
:( this was the best image I got out of the camera. Can't wait till I get my new one (hopefully next month)

The females tail looks a bit long in the image, she is about 1/4 to 1/2 inch longer than the male and wasn't happy about getting her picture.
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