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I just got my chameleon a couple days ago... i fed him the first day i had him and he ate around 3-5 crickets while i was watching. Now, he still has some crickets in his cage. Probably around 7 but i havent seen him eat any of them at all. Does this mean he is just still digesting the crickets form his first feeding, can he not find the crickets in there or does he just eat a small amount when im not watching...what should i do? Put some rickets or meal worms in a feeder cup? Please help im kind of getting worried about him not eating.
yes hes a baby...
yes hes warm enough im 98% sure
and i mist him around 3 times a day for 6-8 mnutes
and crickets are left in there over night

You need to moniter his feeding more closely.
You should take crickets out of the enclosure every night to prevent them chewing on him when he's asleep. Plus, you can keep a closer count on what he's consuming everyday.
A feeder cup makes this easier, but if he's used to eating free range crickets it will be harder to get him used to it.
Are you only feeding crickets?
Yes its a veiled....and ok i will take all the crickets out right now... how many do you recomend me putting in there tommarow? and yes i am only feeding him live crickets
wow, well i was taking all of the crickets out of the cage like you recommended and while i was doing that i was watching my chameleon and he ate a cricket right in front of me.... do you think he did that because he noticed i was taking them all out or was that just a coincedence?
Just a coincidence.
But my feeling is that he is probably eating fine you just don't always see it.
That is why (so you don't worry) you should know exactly how many you put in each morning and do a count at night when you remove them.
Baby veiled should be offered 15 or 20 small crickets a day.

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