Help with Ebenezer? Vet visit


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Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Male Nosylobe, Year & 7 months
Handling - Lately twice a day to give him his medicine. Usually maybe every other day? I'll explain everything in the current problem.
Feeding - Around 8 crickets every other day. Gutloaded;dusted. 120grams
Supplements - repticalcium no d3 every feeding, d3 once a month, multivitamin once a month. (zoo med repticalcium no d3, Tetrafauna Reptocal with d3, and zoo med reptivite with d3)
Watering - 3 times a day, make sure everything is soaked. Ebenezer also drinks from the spray bottle because he's a spoiled prince.
Fecal Description - brown and white. I've had one with orange and I was like WTF and it went back to white the next one.
History - Had him since 5 months old, from Julir's clutch. Always healthy.

Cage Info:
Cage Type -lll 28x28x48
Lighting - 60 watt flood light
UVB light, repti sun 5.0 just replaced 12/10
Temperature -89 at heat lamp, 76 away from heat lamp
Humidity - 40-60
Plants - dead hibiscus, which just uses the sticks now, big schefflara, and a small pothos to keep humidity everywhere
Placement - cornered in my room, window on both sides of cage
Location -Clearwater, FL

Current Problem - So, I noticed Ebenezer had a glob of something in his eye months ago (looked like an eye booger, kind of distorted the shape of his eye), I got it out by spraying warm water, and it slowly inched its way out enough for me to get it out myself, and there were no problems for quite some time. Then, I noticed him keeping the same eye closed a lot. I mean, he'd open it and then act like something is bugging it, so he'd close it again. Which I think walking around with only one eye opened messed up his balance and he's slipped a couple times, always catching himself though. I got some teramycin and used that on him for a week, but it didn't seem to do much other than make his head really greasy since it hydrates as well. So I brought him to the vet, and she told me that he has a little respiratory bacterial infection. I never noticed his mouth because he is extremely docile and rarely opens his mouth at me. But he didn't have bubbly spit, it was just slimy in there. She said it lead to his eye and that's why he has the boogers in there. She brought him to the back and he came out with his eye open looking so happy! No boogers in his eye! She gave me Neomycin to give to him orally, and Gentamicin to give him as eye drops. WHEN HE DOES open his eye, there are NO boogers, looks awesome. You can tell he can see (I forgot to mention, with the boogers in his eye he'd act like he couldn't see out of it when he'd have it open) I've been giving him the meds since friday 3/18. drops twice a day, and oral once a day. But even though his eye is clean, he still doesn't like to open it :(
I'll be going back in another week or so if nothing clears up. I mean, I'll probably even go back to have her check up on him, but I just want some opinions in the mean time!

Thanks in advance
Sara & Ebenezer :)




I know his eye doesn't look perfect yet, still a little distorted but it's definitely gotten better.
Did the vet do a culture and sensitivity test to see exactly what bacteria was present? Also has he had a recent fecal done?

I'm not sure. She brought him in the back, but she came out and just said that he had a bacterial infection. I asked her what kind and she said it's a small respiratory infection. I didn't really know what I was doing :( First time bringing an animal to the vet in general, lol X(

And no, he hasn't had a fecal. I was planning on bringing in some poop next time I go in.
If the culture and sensitivity check is something that a vet charges to do, then no I don't think that she did one. Because I checked the receipt and all I was charged for was the vet visit and Neomycin.
Ok more than likely, no, you did not have that done. I would request a C&S, it will tell you what the infection is and what medication will work on it. I would also get a fecal done as soon as possible. He may have parasites that are also causing some of the problem.
Almost a year later...:(

Problem has emerged again two months back, except worse. He's been perfect in the mean time, but a few months back I noticed his eyes were closed during the day. Which made no sense to me seeing he has brand new UVB and he's on a good calcium/vitamin schedule. He opened them up once I got him out and I could tell he was in pain. I could see the boogers and I took it upon myself to help him get them out. Usually that works great. I'll get a Q-Tip wet with warm water (the boogers are usually crusty and I don't want to have them cut his eyelids on their way out) so the water would soften them up. He goes in the shower every night to hydrate and moisten up his eyes (I got the OK to do this from the vet last year) A few weeks ago, he just opened up his [bad] eye (one is worse than the other) and it looked really bad. No boogers, but it almost resembled a tadpole eye, or something. Slimy, and his pupil is deformed. Im afraid i might have helped mess up his eye but this is what i would do before and it never caused ill effects. Anyway, left eye is okay other than boogers and he doesnt like to open it. Right eye, I'm afraid he's blind in. I really hope that it's not too bad and a prescription will help. He cannot aim when shooting his tongue, as he thinks everything is closer than it is. Hes a super healthy 4 year old otherwise. He has a vet visit tomorrow. Just wanted to post it here too. Thanks guys :)

Here's a photo of his bad eye, I know, it looks bad. :( Sorry it's so huge, but it's to see everything in detail.
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