HELP w/ injured Jax rear left foot


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She pulled her toe nail out, which has regrown. She will let you touch it, no problem. Her attitude is the exact same as before, like a cuddly cocker spaniel. She still eats a lot and moves very well for a Jax. Is kept outside with plenty of sunlight. Before this happened she was VERY much into mating, however both my males were clueless. Now she will not allow either male near her to mate, which ISN'T my PRIORITY. Everyone is in their own reptibreeze cage. She was my first cham & means a lot to me and my son. I am wondering if swelling will go down? does it need to be popped to release any pus? or should I be rushing her to a vet? THANX.
Unfortunately you will need to take her to a vet. She will need to be on antibiotics and the infection will have to be completely cleaned out if you want the best chance of her surviving this. The vet should do a culture and sensitivity test to determine which antibiotic should be used. Good luck!
Trip to the vet is needed. It is most likely infected and will need antibiotics. I rescued a cham from a local guy that had the same problem. He would just lance it every couple of weeks and it had "pea green" stuff come out of it. A quick round of antibiotics should clear it up.
Where is the nail? I was under the impression if they tore their nails out, they did not grow back?????
Am I the only one that thinks the foot is abnormal all together? Maybe it's just the picture but it looks like a stub foot?

Yes, vet is indeed your answer
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