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Hi all,

I volunteer with the MARS (Mid-Atlantic Reptile Show) Reptile and Amphibian Rescue which takes cares of all abandoned and mistreated reptiles and amphibians that operates in the State of Maryland. Every September the Mid-Atlantic Reptile Show is held at the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium (this year September 16-17, 2006; North of Baltimore, MD) and all the show proceeds are donated to purchase and protect rainforests and critical habitats at various places around the world. Additionally, the funds go towards educating the public about reptiles, amphibians, and conservation as well as, to support research on reptile and amphibian health related issues.

I am currently looking for sponsors to help obtain proceeds in order to continue the work that the Mid-Atlantic Reptile Show has so graciously done; since 1993 they have protected 2,828 acres of critical habitat. Big corporate sponsors of course would be a huge accomplishment, however, even smaller donations and/or sponsors would be very helpful as well. Every little bit counts.

If any of you know of any corporate sponsors who would be willing to sponsor or if any of you would be interested in being a sponsor at the Mid-Atlantic Reptile Show and/or give donations toward the Reptile and Amphibian Rescue, you’d be doing a great thing as it is going towards a great cause and it’s tax deductible as well! How can you lose by helping preserve these reptiles, amphibians, and the habitats that they come from when they give us so much in return in our own personal lives? :)

I have attached a PDF file that gives all the details of sponsorships and another file which discusses the goals that MARS strives to achieve. You can view their website at for further information about their organization, or contact me at [email protected] and I will do my best to answer any questions or send you to the correct person in which to discuss sponsorship and/or donation issues.

Come and help save these precious reptiles, amphibians, and beautiful habitats in which they come from... All you need to do is to look at your pet reptile and/or amphibian and know that you are doing a good thing for him and his future generations to come...

Thanks in advance!

PS: I tried to add the file to this post and it was too large. Please send me an email and I will send you all the sponsor and goal information to you: [email protected].
Great post Jenna. It is very considerate of you to volunteer. I wish I lived closer and could attend the show. I have increased the allowed attachment size for pdf files, you should be able to attach it to your original post.
Thanks Brad...

The Goals of the Mid-Atlantic Reptile Show (MARS) are pasted below and the Sponsorship information is attached to this post:

Goals of Mid-Atlantic Reptile Show & the Reptile and Amphibian Rescue

Mid-Atlantic Reptile Show (MARS):

Vision: Acquire corporate sponsors to help defer show costs.

Mission: To raise money via the Mid-Atlantic Reptile Show to conserve land in perpetuity (preserving biodiversity); to educate the general public about reptiles, amphibians and conservation; and to support research on reptile and amphibian health related issues.

~ To put on the MARS show (major fundraising event).
~ Advertising (local, national and internet).
~ Participate in smaller, local events (i.e. Towsontown Festival) in conjunction with MARS Reptile & Amphibian Rescue.

Long Term Goals:
~ Buy lots of land (possibly locally as well as in tropical areas).
~ Preserve biodiversity.
~ Rent facility to store/house show equipment and supplies.

Short Term Goals:
~ Increase show attendance
~ Increase revenue (to buy land)
~ Increase number (and quality) of vendors at MARS
~ Increase public awareness

~ Reptile and amphibian pet trade will not end.
~ Captive bred animals make healthier, longer lived and therefore more desirable pets.
~ Captive breeding lessens the impact on populations of reptiles and amphibians taken from the wild
~ We do not allow green iguanas (too many unwanted already), wild caught animals or farm-raised species at MARS.
~ Require vendors to adhere to local laws with regard to reptiles and amphibians (with cooperation and participation of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources).
~ Provide educational space for non-profit reptile and amphibian conservation organizations.

MARS Reptile & Amphibian Rescue:

Vision: To provide a functioning program by which homeless reptiles and amphibians can find new adoptive homes.

Mission: To educate the general public about reptile and amphibians, their care and conservation; to provide a safe haven for unwanted pet reptiles and amphibians (not wildlife); and to work as a liaison between agencies and the general public with regard to reptile and amphbian adoptions.

~ To provide public educational outreach programs (interactive live animal presentations).
~ House and care for unwanted, confiscated and/or abandoned animals.
~ Work as a resource for local authorities and organizations to provide adopters for homeless animals (including zoos, aquariums, shelters, nature centers and government agencies).
~ Website listing of available animals (and soon to add care protocols).

Long Term Goals:
~ Buying property and a building for office space and to house and care for animals.
~ Salaries for a staff.
~ To purchase newer caging and equipment.
~ To become financially sustainable.

Short Term Goals:
~ Finding homes for animals.
~ Fundraising.
~ Increase public awareness
~ Improve lighting/caging for current rescues
~ Find and manage volunteers

~ Rescue is a necessary and responsible reaction to MARS.
~ There will never be an end to pet reptiles and amphibians.
~ Educating the public will decrease the need for rescue

Any donations and/or sponsorships to help MARS achieve these goals will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks all :)


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