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Hi fellow chameleon lovers. I am new to chameleons and to this website (im liking it so far). I need some major help. Im close to getting a chameleon and have done all research on general care to diseases. I need a lot of help now with finding all things needed for my enclosure. I have looked at some setups that come with everything but dont want to get those because most of them come with spray bottles or Habba Mist. I would like Mist King. I also need help with finding a good cage. I also need help in how to set up plants in the cage so the chameleon with feel comfortable in it. I also need help on the necessary lighting. I have done research and they all say different things. So really, I just need help how to set up the cage and what to get for it. Hopefully you can help! Thanks :D
What kind of Cham? How Old?

If he is of age get a big cage...something like 4x2x4...better yet make your own.

Live plants. No substrate. Ficus, Scheffelera (ambrolica) and pothos plants.

Repti Sun 5.0 (standard) linear UVB light. A heat bulb to get your cham to an optimal bask temp. A digital Thermometer with prob and hydrometer.

Mist King.

Those are kind of the basics. If you search on here you will find everything you need and then some. Sorry for the bad formating.
exactly what svinyard said. If he is not adult yet you should get a 18x18x36 even if he/she is new born cause they grow fast. Younger chams need basking from 80-83 if they are veiled. I would get a 40-75 watt depending on where you live. A 100 watt would be way to much overkill, and would dry up your enclosure to fast.
Im probably getting a Nosy Be or Ambilobe Panther. I also need to ask how to set up the plants in the tank and where to place the misting system. I also am wondering if i should have a food cup for feeders other than crickets. Do you hand feed your chameleon crickets or how do you prefer to do it? Also, is there any other good breeders or websites to buy a chameleon? I have also been looking in the classifieds sections.
There is a great breeder in California where I bought my panther from. I have a Sambava. But they breed many other different types. Great people to deal with. They are called Kammerflage Kreations and you can buy your whole set up from them, supplements and all. They do not sell mistking however, atleast they didn't about 9 months ago. And your live plants you have to get on your own. You get their set up from them and there is no guess work about lighting and such. They even sell branches that they collect from the outdoors that fit the cages perfectly. There are many other sponsors on this site that are breeders of panthers. At the top right of the home page look and you will see a list of all the sponsors.
Wow that was fast. I have seen there website and the chams look great. Also what do you think is the right size cage for a chameleon that old
I bought my set up from them and they house all their adult chams in 36w X 30w X18 deep. Many members use the 24 X 24 X 48. I just went with their recomendation. I got mine at 4months old and put him in that size and he still is in the same cage.
I just checked out the full setup. It looks like it comes wit live plants. Also, i am going to buy and automatic misting system seperately. So will that cage be large enough for the baby? Also how quick will the cham grow until i have to get a new setup?
if you buy your panther at about 4 months or so you can put him in there right away, that is what I did and it has worked out great. Those plants are not live, they are fake vines and plants that come with the set up. Alls you really need is one large size plant in that enclosure and you will be fine. You could do two. The more live plants the better for humidity. I live in florida so don't have to worry about humidity problems too much. I freeranged all my crickets and he found them easily!!!!
Ok thats great. How do I arrange my plants? Also if you can, can i see a pic of your chameleon in its enclosure? That would be great
The most popular are pothos, hibiscus, shefflera (aka umbrella or arboricola) ficus and ficus benjamin work well and are cham safe. I will try and send you a private message with my enclosure. Edit on the pic! I am using a laptop right now and dont have access to my desktop. If you look under the enclosure thread I believe there was thread called "the official enclosure thread" and many members posted their pics including me.
Ok i know i have been asking you a lot of questions but about basking lamps, should i put it directly in the middle or above the plant?
Ok i know i have been asking you a lot of questions but about basking lamps, should i put it directly in the middle or above the plant?


leave it on one side of the cage, like at one corner, they regualte their bodies by going back and forth to the basking area, the rest of the cage should be 70-75 degrees nice and shaded by live plants. but the uvb linear light bulb, should go across
I dont understand. So the plant on one side and like a branch under the light on the other side

you can have a main plant centered in the cage and maybe so smaller plants on the sides, but you will eventually add alot of branches, vertical and horizontal. they are the pathways for chameleons to be able to move around their cage. you can have a stick right under the basklight(but not too close so we wont burn himself)
I dont understand. So the plant on one side and like a branch under the light on the other side

yes, you will see in the pics and living in California you are so lucky to have nice weather year round like I do in Fla. Bring your cham outside for natural sunlight. There is nothing that can duplicate the sun. Here is my outdoor cage in case you really get into it and want a great idea for an outdoor cage, maybe not on that large of a scale!
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