Help me sex them? Pygmy chameleons.


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I have read several pages and website describing how to sex pygmy chameleons but I am not having any luck. I bought these off of craigslist from a guy that said he got them from a friend and didn't want them anymore. I will attach pictures to help you help me sex them. If you need anymore information, please let me know.



Thanks everyone for your help. I though that was the case but I just wasn't sure. I noticed when I got them that you could see there spines really bad so I knew that they desperately needed some tlc. I have been misting the cage every 2 hours. They look much better now compared to the day I brought them home. I will keep you posted with pictures.

Thanks again
Can anyone offer any advice

regarding the pics of my pygmies i posted, can anyone identify their sex. I was told they were male and female but I think they may be both male?
Yes it is over 1 year old post-
Both are female-
Males have longer and thicker tails and the male has more defined ridges on the back. Even at an early age, the tail is a dead give away when you have two (male and female) to compare.
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