Help~its eyes!


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i am a chinese girl .my english is not good.i hope you can understand me.thank you very much!
my friend send me a veiled chameleon.but it can not open its eyes!
its right lower eyelid is swollen.and it dose not eat and drink!
what can i do for it?

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take it to your local vet, till then, spray it gently with warm water to allow it to rinse its eyes two to three times a day. Also handle it as little as possible till then.
There is discoloration. I would not be able to say from what.

A veterinary visit would be a good idea. Do you have good veterinarians?
Hello, Girls. You did very well with your English.

From what I've read, you might have trouble finding a veterinarian. If you can find one, that's the best thing to do. Even a veterinarian who handles birds would be good.

Getting it water is the first thing to do. If you can get it on a plant in a warm shower (point the water to the wall so it bounces onto the plant) and let it stay there for 10, 15, even 20 minutes that might stimulate it to drink.

If you can get it drinking, then start offering insects. I don't know what you have in your area, but small worms (the kind that turn into other bugs) might be easier to start with.
vet can help dog or cat .but can not help a veiled chameleon.we don not have a vet of amphibians and reptiles
when i was close to him.he was very scared and he would open his mouth.i will give him some electrolysis of water when he open his mouth. and try to give him some small worms.but he still like this .close eyes.Not take the initiative to eat and drink
lower lid has a little discoloration but it looks like the eyes is pushing on the skin (like when they clean). if you have a removable shower head or nozzle. set the water temp to warm. place the chameleon on a fake plant in the center of your shower. aim the shower nozzle towards the wall and watch the water bounce off the walls onto the chameleon for about 15 minutes. you basically want to adjust it to where it is a mist. some chameleons hate this and will roam about. be patient and watch the whole time making sure nothing happens. if the chameleon has something irritating the eye this could possibly help.
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