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Ok, i was gonna look into breeding chams. Of course, i am not gonna breed stuey....yet. Hes only like 4 months old and i know he cant do it yet. I still need a place were to get a female veiled and i need advice on how to breed them. Please, dont say i cant, i might not even dot it. but please dont say it. Im smarter tthan u think and i have parents....who know nothing :D
i ment about chams, but yes, if they dont know much about chams i shouldnt, but still, im just wondering.
Right now you need to worry about growing Stuey up to be a healthy adult male...and if you want to breed him, you will need to wait until you have a good healthy female that is at least one year old. If you get to that stage (having 1.1 healthy chameleons) then you can consider breeding them.

Don't forget though, if you breed them you will need UVB lights, cages, food, etc., just like you have for Stuey now for anywhere from 20 to 50 babies. You need to be prepared for vet bills in case the female has problems too. You will also need an incubator of some type because veiled eggs aren't usually hatched at room temperature...and containers to put the eggs in while they incubate...and vermiculite or perlite to put in the containers to lay the eggs on...and an appropriate place for the female to lay the eggs.

You need to be prepared to keep the babies for several months if you want to be a reputable breeder too.

The actual mating is not usually that difficult...and if the female is healthy she won't likely have any trouble laying the eggs...but there are exceptions to that.

There's a lot of work to all of this....and then, there's still the concern about what are you going to do with all of those babies?
ok well i dont think you should breed, if you need to ask the group you obviously arent experienced enough and dont know enough to breed and if stuey is only like 4 mos old, you have not had a chameleon long enough. and you need to make sure hes healthy and happy and then you have to buy a fertile female that you will have to raise also to make happy and healthy. yu really need to know what youre getting yourself into. I am also 13 but i have had a chameleon since i was 4 and have already bred 2 clutches. Trust me. Wait a while, get to know your chameleon, and the one you need to get in order to breed...thats a must. Just please take my advice into consideration before doing anything...for the sake of your chameleon. Stuey will be getting into his "Ill show you whos boss" hormones soon and might not tolerate a female let alone mate with one.
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i know, as i siad i probobly wont, very very probobly, wont. I really dont know alto about chams, and yes i should focus on growing stuey up. i just like to know alot about the anamal i keep. well, thanks for the help every1 :D
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