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Hi everybody

I'm mark from Northern Ireland and have been keeping and breeding mainly geckos for 5 years but with 2 young sons I am taking a break from the hobby, that was until I was given a large planted tank that needs a bit of work! Drainage layer primarily. Plan is to do this work and use either for Pygmy chams or dwarf geckos (lygodactylus) probably dependant on availability! This will only be a display tank ( to keep my toe in the water so to speak).

Bare with me with any silly questions I may ask lol

Welcome to the Chameleon Forums. This is a great place to learn about chameleons. Keep us posted on your new project and pictures are always welcome.
Welcome to the forum. Chams are wonderful animals. As I keep Chameleons and Geckos as well, I can assure you Chameleons are way more demanding in terms of husbandry and less forgiving. Both are amazing however.
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