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Hello everyone,

My name is Richard, I guess you could say I am a newbie to Chams. I had a veild while I was in middle/high school and love it to death until it died of old age . My interests kinda changed when I started college and now I'm am back to the herp world. I currently have 4 diff types of dart frog 1 type of mantella, 1 sugar glider named Tweek, my rescue dog Mimi, my wife aka my roommate and a little human named Ava who is 13 days old! Today I added to my collection with a male and female Ambilobe from The Jungle Pather.

I have of course been creeping on the site for about 5 months of and on and used quite a few care sheets and literature on the diff species to decide what would be a great suitor for my family. We like colorful so it was def the panthers.

I'm starting to ramble so I will leave it as tht. I hope to learn more and build on my husbandry skills while also being able to provide some of my own knowlege to the community



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Hi Richard. Welcome to the forum. Look forward to hearing about your two and seeing pics.:)


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Thanks everyone for the welcome! I will have some pics up later tonight or first thing in the am so I can catch some sleeping chams.

Please do not judge their living environment since they are in there QT's right now lol.
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