Heating issue.

So in my house it use to stay at exactly 73 but now that it is fall its dropping down to about 63 at night well it's at 69 degrees in my house right now and his cage isnt getting up to 80 degrees so I decided to try and put a old heat light at the top but it was red. And he kept running towards it and was bound to burn himself. So I took that down. My question is will he be okay with the temperature drop? Or do I need to turn on my heat super early...
Just to be clear you do use some kind of basking light right? He should have a spot near the top of his cage that is a minimum of 85˚F during the day. The rest of his cage can be cooler to 72-75 during the day and down to 50˚F at night. His basking bulb can be raised up off the screen top to prevent burns.
He needs to be able to bask to have proper metabolic function. That's probably why he went for it so hard. you will have to try different bulbs raised off the screen to get the right combo for the heat to reach a branch 6-8 inches down from the top. 8+ inches if he has a tall casque. It's a fine balance between getting enough heat and avoiding burns. Laser thermometers are very helpful for this.
I use the wire legs that came off of my other lights. Any non-flammable or meltable objects will work to prop up the fixture. Hanging it from the ceiling can work also.
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