He keeps hiding from me..!


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I have a cham whos about 3 months I have had him for about three weeks and he keeps hiding from me when I walk up to the cage I cup feed and I free range feed but he stills hides behind a vine when I walk up im trying to get him to take my hand but he wont what else should I try ?


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Just be patient. You have to remember you are literally thousands of time his size. I'd be scared of a giant too, even if it was offering me food.


lol same thing still happens to me but he is with me for five and a half month. :D
I'm still waiting the day that he won't scared of me. But i think it really depends on the characteristic of your chameleon.


Yeah just give the little one some time. I had mine for over a month before I really tried to start handling it when it wasn't important. And even then I rarely do so unless it's needed.

We are a thousand times larger than they are and they didn't come into this relationship willingly. We just give someone money and they are put into a dark, dry box against their will. The least we can do afterwards is give them the space they need. :)


try hand feeding,it will associate you and your hands with something positive..my little guy is 3 months old also,i started hand feeding from day i got him,which has only been a week and hes not scared of me or my hands.he even crawls onto me to get a bug if it crawls away.and be patient with him/her,it may take some time,they all have different personalities.


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Okay cool thanks for the info very much needed I thought I was doing something wrong its my first cham.


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Yep, not to worry, all my guyz went through that stage.
Even after a year, sometimes they will hide until they realize it's only me, or
if I am with a person they have never seen before.

They are like...'Oh!, it's only that giant pink monkey again"!! and come out of hidding.
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