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Does anyone know where I can get something other than crickets to feed Rufus McMillan on Maui or in the islands?
Are you kidding? Out of all the years you lived in hawaii, you should know that there are roaches everywhere. Collect them from the jungle and make sure they are free from pesticides. You can also catch moths, and certain beetles. Always check and identify the bugs you catch in order to make sure they are not harmful to your cham.
Well I know there are roaches everywhere here, but I dont know much about a chameleons diet, which is why I thought I would be on the safe side and buy the stuff people on here talk about until I learn more. Is there a site somewhere that tells what kind of bugs are ok for them to eat? Are all moths ok? Which roaches would be best the nasty brown infestation type or the big asian ones? Should I hold bugs I collect for a bit to make sure they havent been hit with pesticides? See Im just full of dumb questions here :)
Roaches are a great addition to a chams diet. They are usually full of more meat compared to a cricket and very easy to gut load. That is why they are better than crickets. I feed my cham dubia roaches because they are very meaty and can't climb glass. What ever bugs that you catch in the wild, you want to feed them fresh veggies for a couple of days in order to clean out any bad stuff that could hurt your cham. As for the moths, I've never fed wild caught ones to my cham. So your going to have to ask someone else. You should also try feeding silkworms and king worms (zophobas).
Cool Ill start rounding up some roaches, and see if I can find somewhere to get silkworms. Thanks for you help Marc.
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