Hardest post ever...


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I too am thinking there is a possibility that he didn't get eaten. If he was in a position to bite the crow, I wouldn't be surprised if the crow would drop him. Maybe you should put some ads up in the neighborhood and call the humane society off and on to see if he gets turned in.

Fingers crossed for a happy ending to this story!


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Making a post like this is never easy and must be completely heart breaking for you. As any good parent we give everything we have to raise and protect our young to the best of our abilities. A situation like this could have happen to any of us. I'm deeply sorry it had to happen to you. The thought crosses my mind every time I take them outdoors, what if...?? I'm not going to lie, I have left them alone to grab a drink or to answer the phone, trusting that they will be there when I get back. What happened just was just luck of the draw, It's not your fault, things just happen. Infact, more often then not, bad things happen to the ones who deserve it the least. It's just the way life goes sometimes, no rhyme or reason needed. I had a beardie pass a few years back when a piece of drift wood fell and crushed him against the glass, "Moto" was only month or so old. The little guy never got to taste his first silkworm. Lombardi looked like one of the healthiest and happiest veileds I had ever seen, and one of the luckiest ones to have an owner like you Joe. You are one of the most experienced keepers here on the boards and one of the most kind hearted as well. Lombardi lived a full life and was only able to do so with the help of you. I'm sure he was grateful to have you just as much as you were to have him. Joe, try not to morn the passing of Lombardi, but try to celebrate the life he had while he was with you.:) Why don't you plant a tree in the yard to remember the time you guys spent together. Take care of yourself Joe. We are all here if you need us.;)



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Awww… Sorry to hear about your loss, keep your head up! I know it sucks to lose a pet, especially in that manner. I know, if it was me, I would of pulled out my BB gun and went to town, No mercy! Thanks for sharing your story, I will no longer leave my cham unattended outside. I have a gully directly behind my house, and we have tons of crows and turkey vultures everywhere! Hope you feel better soon…


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hate to hear that. after reading all the horror stories if i take my chams out im right next to them always. i have had to pelt birds with rocks to using my paintball gun to get them to shoo away from my cham. I personally hate birds so it probably doesnt help their chances either


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I know this is slightly derailing the subject, and I'm sorry for your loss. Thats horrible.
However.. firing any kind of pellet or bb gun up into the air is pretty dangerous.. pellet guns especially. Crow hunting is also usually regulated by season.. and I'd reccomend a shotgun ;)


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Oh.. so sorry to hear that, Joe. :(
I am too somehow felt that there might still a chance... Just be alert for couple of days..


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such a heart breaking story,hopefully the others will be right and he will turn up eventually.
I also take mista outside, weather permitting as he loves it so much,i'm too scared to do it on my own for this very reason.
We have been inundated with magpies and seagulls the last few months and now after reading your sad story i think i won't do this anymore even with someone else watching with me:(
it's not rediculous to have your emotions pulled down after such a horrendous experience,after all these gorgeous creatures melt our hearts everyday and with the amount of nurturing they take how could you NOT get a close bond.
thoughts are with you and try not to beat yourself up too much!

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Sorry for your loss mate. Lets keep hoping he's still out there somewhere! They are pretty good at hiding after all! All the best and lets hope those eggs all hatch!


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im so sorry to hear this mate in uk we rarely get the weather to let our chams outside to enjoy the sunshine since we had them we are hoping for a nicer summer this year to let that happen but after reading this we are gonna take precautions just in case.

but on the side of reason maybe the crow that kept coming back was looking for your lombardi again, he kept coming back because lombardi put up a fight and dropped him maybe? its typical behaviour of crows in uk and i shudnt imagine their behaviour any different over with you.

just never give up hope you never no he was a VERY big boy by the looks of the photo and probably gave as good as he got

keepin my fingers crossed for you


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Oh My! I read this with my hand over my mouth. I am SO sorry! He was such a big guy too, what a brave and cruel bird..:( My thoughts are with you.


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He very well could still be out there. I sure hope so. This story needs a good ending.

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:( This has to be the saddest post ever. I actually cried when I read your story. I would feel exactly the same. I believe I have the same connection with Lily as you did with Lombardi. I know how devastated I would be if anything happened to her. She is my first cham and I think you know that there is something special in a creature that makes you pick them over another. I'm so sad for you, and just hope that maybe somehow he managed to escape and will be found. Thinking of you.


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I cried too. I've followed Lombardi's story from the beginning. I hope too that maybe he is still out there somewhere!


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Thanks so much for everyone's kind words. I am not giving up just yet... I am still out there looking, and I have spread the word around the neighborhood so hopefully someone will spot him if he is out there. He is a big guy, which is what leads me to think he shouldn't be to hard to spot if he is cruisin around out there somewhere. Well... My neighbor said her husband is going to be home all day and that she would have him out there looking for me while I am at work, great people. I am going to check the humane society also... As well as throw up some signs tonight. These are all great ideas... Not giving up.


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So sad to read this thread today. Condolences on your loss.
thank you for posting this difficult experience so that it can serve as a lesson to others. All of us reading will think twice before considering leaving our animals outside.

Nature can be difficult. But for those mad at the crow, please remember its not the crows fault - a crow is an intelligent opportunist, in grabbing potential prey it was doing what it is meant to do.

I see crows grab small birds and snakes etc frequently where I live. Often these get dropped, and sometimes get away. Im with those who think its possible a big healthy male veiled may have put up a good fight, may have been dropped.....


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Sorry to hear this,
Do you have a powerful flashlight? Chances might be easier searching during the night, because it is easier to distinguish them from the leafage, beacause their skin is 'luminous' and they don't turn behind the branches when they're sleeping.

I'll keep my fingers crossed


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Damn Joe that really sucks :( I have a feeling he is still alive some where at there. Crows feet are not that of a hawk where it could carry him like that. I've seen a crow go after a frog and he couldn't really pick him up he would carry him for a few feet and drop him. Hopefully this is the same and he is up in a tree some where looking for his way back home :)

I always have sancho outside with no cage but I'm always sunning with him no more then 5 feet away. But I will take pre-caution now and put him in a cage.
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