Hank One Month Old and Still Tiny 3/17/19


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Hank turned one month old yesterday and we made pictures to celebrate.

Hank might be tiny but he's already showing a big personality.









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How awfully cute!

Thank you!

what a cute little guy!!!! great pictures as always!!!

Thank you Kat!

Ohhhhhh Jann! I just love these ones. With the quarter you can really tell his size. Although I think my favorite was the pencil eraser one. He is just adorable!

You are so kind! Thank you Becca!

He'll grow up and be beautiful just like the rest of your crew, no worries there!

Thank you Michelle!

I love your art! Amazing as always! I am crazy about the blue on the neck between the scales!

Thank you Matt. Are you still thinking boy?

Oh my.....what a cutie pie!!!:love::love::love::love:

Thank you Dee!

OMG! I know!
He is gorgeous!!!!!

Thank you Marcos!

salty dog

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He is a very cute little one, if he was mine I would keep him, he's got personality! What are you going to name him?


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The colors deep between the scales are usually colors that become .ore dominant in the future. Girls don't usually have that blue. Also the tail base is still looking promising. So yes, I still think boy.

Thank you Matt!

I also think male, the bump is small but visible, my females have red gullet coloring, not sure if thats true with all ambilobe females

Thank you!

When my Nosy Be females were babies they also had that red coloring in the neck.


He is a very cute little one, if he was mine I would keep him, he's got personality! What are you going to name him?

Oh, I’m keeping him. He’s my olny baby and I named him Hank.


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Thank you for your nice comments about Hank. It’s nice to see you back on the forums
Its great to see u here again!!!!
How can I ever forget the GODDESS in the chameleon forum...all your chams are super gorgeous...they are so lucky to have you jannb(y).
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