Hank is 4 Months Old Today 6/17/19


Chameleon Enthusiast
My sweet little Hank is growing up. He is 4 months old today and weighs 30 grams.

Here's some four months photos that we made today.







Chameleon Enthusiast
Stunning! The red orangish striped eye turrets with the blue are amazing. Great pictures :)

Thank you Robert! He’s a real sweetheart too!

I love Hank. His color is really starting to pop! The red around his eye is my favorite. Thanks for sharing!! :love: :love:

Thank you Kris for your nice comment!

His colors are just amazing for him being only 4 months old!

Thank you Michelle! ❤

I think that great grandpa Greaseball will end up in the shadow of Hank! Greaseball was not mine, but I sure love his looks and cherish his relatives! Long live Greaseball! (Picture comploments to: "The Chameleon Company".View attachment 236381

Greaseball was awesome.
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