Enzo Veiled

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So my veiled has always been territorial, but I went to Florida for a week, and came home, and I had my brother look after my cham, he handled him once in that week and now whoever I go near his cage he hisses at me, and won't let me hand feed him anymore. Any suggestions on what I can d to make him friendly and tamed again? Thanks guys.
He wasn't "friendly" to begin with if you mentioned him hissing or biting :rolleyes: haha.

I know what you mean. A few days gone and they don't tolerate you anymore.

Just keep trying to hand feed.

Mine hates being held but I slide my hand under his belly and he usually just goes with it. I let him hiss and bite but I don't hold back because then he understands that hissing won't get him anywhere.
Some time and patience is generally the way to go. I find that a new type of yummy treat can often break down the hand feeding barrier. ;)
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