1. zelink14

    Help with taming panther?

    Hi all! I've had my 7 month old male panther for three months now, and I've been working on getting him more familiar with me. For awhile I was only pulling him out twice a week to bask in the sun, and he seemed sort of okay with that. An acquaintance of mine, who used to breed panthers...
  2. Enzo Veiled

    Handling issues

    So my veiled has always been territorial, but I went to Florida for a week, and came home, and I had my brother look after my cham, he handled him once in that week and now whoever I go near his cage he hisses at me, and won't let me hand feed him anymore. Any suggestions on what I can d to make...
  3. cswan19

    First try!!!

    So i read a blog of a member on this forum about taming your chameleon and gaining their trust. I'd never tried to tame my chameleon or anything. I basically just left him alone except for pictures. Well I decided I would try and hand feed him some crickets. I received him from lllreptile and to...
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