Hammy and Ivy Baby Thread


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I start handling as soon as I start cleaning the baby bins. Usually around 3 to 4 days. I have one extra bin and I pick up each one to move it to the extra bin while I clean their bin and then pick him or her up again to put back them back in their own bin. As they get older 2 to 3 weeks I hold them longer when transferring them. They start walking up my hand and arm and eventually try to go to my head.
Ok, I’ll start handing her then. My bins are bioactive and I make sure to rinse all the poop off the leaves daily. She always poops in or near the same spot.


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Growing right along. 7 weeks old now! Pistachio is much more dominant than Mushu, and quite a bit bigger. I know it is because he is a sweet, shy boy. He will grow like a weed when Pistachio stops eating all his food! Haha. (Seperating them tomorrow to their own 2x2x4)View attachment 265909
Mushu (baby boy)
View attachment 265910
Pistachio (baby girl)
Okay, one more of Pistachio flashing her patterns.View attachment 265911

They are so cute Amanda! I’m happy to see that you are enjoying them. 💕
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