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what you guys gutload your crickets? vegetables or fruits? may i gutload it with dogfood? haha, i think it contains vitamins too,like a fruit.
whats your opinion?? :D:D
Ive always used dark leafy greens and carrots when i didnt have a premade gutload. Mustard greens, carrots, apples, potatoes, oranges are what i can remember off of the top of my head. Just wash them off real good
gutloading with dog/catfood is not recommended because of the high levels of animal proteins they contain are not good for your cham and can cause health issues such as gout. Stick with fresh veggies/fruits/dark leafy greens. do a search of gutloading and you will find a pile of good gutload ideas, also check out sandrachameleons blogs to find out what is best and what is not so good to gutload with. Also stay away from tomato, spinach, brocolli (there is more, I just cant remember them right now) as they can cause your chams body to absorb less calcium.
The purpose of gutloading is to get the nutrients the chameleon needs into the bellies of the prey. Dog / cat / fish foods usually contain animal protein, fat and often too high levels of vitamin A and D. Choose instead vegetables and fruits, plus a few seeds and nuts, such as:
papaya, alfalfa, oranges, butternut squash, dandelion leaves, sunflowerseeds, kelp, spirulina,...
This blog entry provides a good overview:

and here are a couple dry gutload recipies to go along with the fresh vegetables and fruits:
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