Green dye on bamboo stakes.. safe?

Aminah Undone

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I have an abundance of bamboo stakes that come with the *or'kids* I'm also addicted to, but they are mostly dyed that funky dark green color. While they are the perfect size for little Pyg feet, I'm wondering if the dye is safe?

Yes they are 100% safe!

Hi, I use the green bamboo sticks you are talking about to build my baby vailed boxs as they are more jungle looking then the standerd bamboo, And I have never had a problem with them except them fading to yellow from the uv light which isnt that big of a problem really. The green dye they use is called chlorophyll and is registered as a food additive/colorant, So its 100% safe!
Hope this answer's you question?
What kind of bamboo stakes?? Where do you get them? They sound like fun for the habitat I'm making.
What about the dark brown one, I got some big ones at michaels. So far I've only used one, and I sanded it (tho you can't get all of it off the joins). I just used it to hold up a vine, but if it also uses food grade dye I might use one as a perch/ path as well (still sanded)
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