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My Nosy's have successfully mated!!! At first my male was being a little too forward, so I had to take the girl out of the cage until he calmed down a little. The second time I put her into the cage he was a little less forward and she was way more receptive. They did the deed for about 20 mins. During this time her color changed from a nice pink to a dark black. I think she had enough after the first ten mins. Once it was over I separated them back into their original cages. Now, I know I should be expecting eggs in about 3-6 weeks, but in the mean time are there any ways to tell if she is pregnant? For example, will her color change, will she eat more, will she be more moody, etc...? Also I am now at step two of breeding chameleons (making a nesting ground). If any body has any advice on the nesting ground please let me know. I will be eagerly waiting for your comments and advice.

Congratulations!!!!:) I'm afraid I know nothing of nesting grounds or pregnancy signs but I thought I'd congratulate you anyway!!
Congrats! You can tell if your female is gravid if she turns either a dark black or dark brown with either pink or orange variations and/or stripes on her body. Additionally, if you place a male near her, she will gape open her mouth, puff up, and sway back and forth to indicate to the male that she is no longer receptive to his advances.

In about 3-4 weeks she will start getting restless in her cage, will cut down on her eating and may stop eating all together. Once you start to notice this, and if she is crawling around the dirt in potted plants or the ground, place a container in her cage much like I posted in a previous thread:

This thread will give you instructions on how to place a container and what to do once she has laid her eggs with illustrations.

Woohoo! Babies! Make sure you dust her feeders more frequently with Calcium D3 as she needs the extra calcium for what the eggs take from her while she's gravid.

Good luck and keep us posted!
I put her near the male the other day and she did turn dark black with beautiful orange stripes. She also puffed and opened her mouth. I'm going to be a father. Thanks Jenna you're the best.
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