Gravid Veiled! 4 1/2 months old


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what do you mean it was not your idea? Did you mate her or something? or are they infertile?? how do you know she is gravid for sure?


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I had a friend house sit for me and he decided to put my male in the females cage. I came home to him and her mating and i didn't want to pull him off because i was afraid i would mess something up. She is closer to five months old i guess. I think she is gravid for the fact that she is solid black with bright blues spots and yellow spots. I am getting a gram scale tomorrow to document her growth. I am mad that my friend did this and it could potently kill her, but i am kinda excited to be a cham gramp :p lol. I will post some more clear pictures tomorrow.


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that was very irresponsible of your friend. I would not let him pet sit again. I hope she will be ok if she is gravid.


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Well that's a little harsh... Don't see why you wouldn't be "good friends" any longer if you are "kinda excited" that your 4.5 month old female veiled chameleon is gravid..
I can understand! This chameleon has been put at risk, mated too young which can cause complications. Infertile eggs don't draw so much from her body, fertile eggs will take a lot of calcium from her and she is too young and still developing herself!

OP I suggest you take very good care if your girl, plenty of water and calcium. Here's a great blog and video to help tou out :)


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Laying eggs at that young age can cause problems that often lead to death even if the eggs aren't fertile. I would highly recommend a drop of liquid calcium everyday until she lays. The eggs will take calcium form your female that she still needs for her growing body.
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