gravid female at bottom of cage

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one of my female veileds is spending time at the bottom of the cage but she's not digging ,she's fat from eggs there a container with peatmoss in it for her to dig in.

will females dig all the time if there gonna lay eggs ?

the container with peatmoss/sand is the same one she dug in before but now she has not dug in it.
is it very possible that she could not want to lay eggs in the dirt and become eggbound?
A veiled will sometimes dig for a while each day for several days. Some will dig the same hole and others will dig more than one hole.

Don't let her see you watching her while she is digging...or she might abandon the hole. If she abandons it enough, she could become eggbound. (This is not the same as digging and then stopping on her own without having seen you.)

I have never used peatmoss for my chameleons to dig in...started off with washed sand-box sand and it worked, so I just kept using it. I did use several brands until I hit on the one I use now though.

Perhaps there is something different (like moisture level) about your container this time?
she's not digging yet ,you would think she would start digging soon i mean she's fat and she goes over to the container .
now shes digging i guess she wasnt ready yet ,her stomach is huge i mean its bigger then before.
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