gravid age?


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This is a question for everyone who has had a female veiled lay eggs already. What age was your cham when they first laid infertle eggs? I am really trying to find out because I'm not really sure if my 4-5 month old female veiled is ready to lay eggs. This is my first cham and a female on top of that. I've read all the posts that explain the symptoms but I've never really seen it. Today, I caught my cham at the floor of her cage. I'm not sure if she was looking for crickets or looking for a nesting spot. But she totally ignores her potted plant. Will a juvenile that hasn't got all her colors yet still show the colors of an adult gravid female veiled? She does seem to be fatter lately and tends to bask under her uvb light most of the day. I'll post some picks as soon as I get a hold of a camera.
my little girl is also 4 months and she is doing the same things she is looking a bit porky what do i put in for her to dig and when
all chams are different, my buddie login had a female lay her first clutch of eggs when it was 12 months old and my female layed her first clutch when she was 10 1/2 months , so its all about the intake ( how much your feeding your cham) will depend on how many eggs she will lay and how sooner she will lay them , so if your feeding her all she wants shes most likely going to mature quicker and lay eggs at a younger age then say having her on a diet of say 6 or 7 crickets a day or 4 or 5 silkies so her intake is less and her body doesnt have all this nutrience to develope eggs at a young age so try slowing there food down a bit, iv slowed my mama down to 6 or 7 crickets with the occasional treat of silkies and her clutches are smaller then her first ones , heer first clutch was 69 and then 65 and then 45 and then 44 so iv seen a decrease in eggs from giving her a diet so try it out now and when they lay there clucthes they should be small, smaller the better and its alot less harder on your female and her life span should be greater if keep properly but like i said all females are different so yours could lay them at 5 months old or even 7 months old , iv heard of 4 months but never talked to anyone who has seen it so there all different ppls lol ahah
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