Got my hands full!

Brad Ramsey

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Oh yeah, forgot that part.
They could I guess but most people who keep them as pets handle them
and don't ever mention being bit.
I'd be more leary of the raptor claws on a full grown one.
Especially after seeing that You-Tube video of one attacking and eating a mouse!
I don't remember who posted that video, if you haven't seen it search praying mantis on this forum or on You-Tube.



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pod #2 was hatching today and i got it on film! ill upload some vids to youtube later and you all can check it out, kinda neat!

im faster

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pod 1 hatched!!!!ll pist pics in a few...

yeah i bought seven pods on ebay...
gave 3 to trevor...keot 4 most are going in the bushes around here

Brad Ramsey

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I just finished separating the ones I am going to rear for breeding today.
Took three days to put them in deli cups in groups of 5. Hope to get about 20 adults for breeding.
Starting the next ooth tomorrow....the hatchlings from this second one will go in the garden to (hopefully) breed out there.
Amazing little creatures aren't they?


Dr Cameraman

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I have no intention of feeding fully grown mantids...they could pose a threat and besides if I get any that far I want to breed not feed ;) .
I think anytime between hatching and maybe 2or 3 inches long would be the range for feeding.
I consider these an interesting treat/challenge for the cham. More a life enrichment food or activity than a staple feeder. Adding the occasional unusual menu choices can benefit healthwise as well.
The problem is you really don't end up with 200 mantids. Many of the nymphs die off or eat each other before you get them seperated, so at best you can grow a few potential breeders and have a handful to feed per ootheca.
At least this is what I am learning from serious mantid keepers on the Mantid forums (who, by the way, I don't tell of my plans to feed mine to my Chameleon):eek:

Can I have a link to the Mantid Forum??
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