Good plants for veileds?


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I'm about to get a large screen terrarium and wanted to get one or two live plants for the enclosure. My veiled likes the temp between 80 and 90 degrees F and I mist at least twice daily. My question is what kind of plants would do best in this situation?
Like Hoj said, pothos are awesome because they are so easy and grow really good, they are kind of vine like so you can place the 'branches' wherever you like. Hibiscus' are great because they have nice flowers that some veileds like to munch on but they require alot of sunlight to thrive and they dont do overly great in enclosures without dedicated lighting (or some people will have two and swap them so they always have one outside getting lots of light) I have also used a schleffera which are good as well, their leaves hold water good for your cham to drink from. Whatever you decide on make sure to have proper drainage or else you will drown your plants, I learned that the hard way lol.
i am a big fan of ficus benjamina and schefflera aboricola. you can find them at great prices for trees, they are great for foliage, and are strong. though some may beg to differ about scheffleras, if grown right, their stems can become strong enough to hold chams. my veiled and fischers love them.

as stated before too, hibiscus and pothos are great too. has a safe plant list database with tons of species able to go in cham enclosures. advise though, that if eaten in large amounts, some plants may be more toxic than others. all plants have a toxicity level, which is why plant switch ups are a must of you have a chameleon who is a big plant eater.
I'm new to Chameleon ownership so I have been doing some very recent research on the plant subject. I've contacted my local museum becuase they have an amazing Panther Chameleon exhibit. I asked what plants they have and two very impressive plants they said was Cheese Plant and Devils Ivy. I'm sorry if these plants have been mentioned before but using their scientific name as I don't know the scientific names for the plants I mentioned. But look them up, they look great.
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