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I am at a loss of any words.
Gizmoto was my best boy.
He was the most friendly boy out of all my Chameleon kids. I will deeply miss my boy. Briana at Kammerflage said jokingly once that she wondered if there could be a dwarf chameleon because of Gizzy’s small size about half of the other chams his age. He grew to be a Huge boy in our home and grew even more in my heart each day. He was only 3. I am so grateful he was mine and he was loved.


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Only blaming myself at this point. Necropsy was unfounded which means nothing.
My son reminded me that I have 18 that are thriving which also means nothing.
He was the whole reason I loved this hobby....and it’s like a piece of me is missing.


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im so sorry for your loss, me and mine are sending love and strength and remember, it isnt your fault, chameleons are delicate creatures, maybe it was just his time to go, if the necropsy came back unfounded, i wouldnt blame anybody for it. it could just be the course of nature, no matter what, im hoping you continue to remember that you have many thriving chameleons ant you have been an amazing caretaker and i hope you keep being an amazing caretaker to these amazing creatures.
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