Getting your Cham to use the bathroom


From other post I have read on here try extra mistings or warm showers. Also try feeding hornworms. They are high in moisture.

Good luck


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I'm wondering about this too. Some of my guys don't seem to poop very often. Is there an oil people put on feeders to help them along?


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I think you can use Cod liver oil, I don't know if you can put them on the bugs though. You might want to take them to the vet if they don't poop for while, it could be an impaction.


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hmmm, my Alfie was treated for mild mouth rot 2 weeks ago & has only been eating for those 2 weeks (first force-feeding, now eating on his own) & hasn't pooped yet. Maybe I should take him back to the vet for a check-up & mention it to her


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Misting them directly with warm water usually does the trick! Also are you positive there is not poop "hiding" in the cage???
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