Furcifer Campani hatching - Must be something in the air...

Must be something in the air. Congratulations to NHenn for beating me to the punch. I checked my eggs today and sure enough there was a little guy walking around.

The eggs were laid on April 5th of 2014.

Here are some pictures...


Does the little one lighten up to a bright green or did it comes out darker?

Hi NHenn, it was a lighter green before I took the pictures. Poor lighting and perhaps mood make it look a bit darker. Some of the eggs in this clutch went bad, and some still look good. I'd be curious to compare notes on incubation times, etc.

Congrats to you.

Congratulations - Best of luck with them
I saw an adult at a show once - My daughter fell in love with it-
hopefully you guys will all have success and one day I can get one of my own when they get to about F3 or F4 -
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