What kind of fruitflies are best to deal with and are most nutritious for baby chams (newly hatched)?

Who sells them the cheapest along with the media?
Where do you get your media from? I want something that is worth my money :D

I should probably buy in bulk toooo.

How many weeks do you feed baby chams fruit flies? Before switching to pinhead crickets?
One of the sponsors has fruit flies, Joshs Frogs. I prefer the Repashy fruit fly media called Super Fly. Check Amazon and you can find it for a great price. They will eat the flies up to 6 weeks depending on how fast they grow. You can also feed crickets, silkworms and phoenix worms. I always have some that grow faster than others and move onto larger sized crickets sooner. Good luck!
I have two that have hatched.. One on its way..
And 27 still to come. And I leave on a 4 hour drive on Thursday.
Looks like I'm packing them to come with me! Lol

Just trying to figure out this food situation. Can't order them because I'm leaving in two days. Package won't arrive on time. I can probably order them to arrive at the hotel or just buy some fruitflies from local pet store. Only thing is they want 29$ for a pod that holds 50-100. Rediculous if you ask me.
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