Free Veiled Cham.

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Hey I just saw this guy wanted to give away his cham because he cant take care of it, just wanted to let people know so that it can go to a good home. By no way have I contacted the person, I just saw his add on a classified ad site. Here it is, and again, I am just passing this info on if anyone is from Indianapolis, Indiana.

Apr 21, 2006 17:55 Name: Stephanie Kollock

Mail me at: [email protected]

Buying, Selling, or Wanted?: Selling

I want to GIVE AWAY my 6 month old veiled male chamleon. I don't have enough time to care for him. Seeking a good home for him here in Indianapolis, Indiana. Will not ship, this causes too much stress on the animal. Must also have knowledge of Veiled Chamelon
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