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Hey guys I'm intregued to know if anyone else has had this. I bought Freddie 4 weeks ago today and he was a nervous wreck and since them with son work he's built up a trust with us that I'd only dreamed of and runs to the door practically jumping on our hands. However he gets quite fretty when we put him back and he paws at the glass as if there's an evil monster in the cage.

He doesn't show any stressed colours and were shocked at how fast we have gained his trust.

Has anyone ever had his?
At first he started doing it right after I brought him back inside from sun bathing outside. But now he does it a lot.
Yea if he is running into your hands that basically means he saw a chance to get out of the cage and was frantically trying to take it. Also, if he is getting really scared and trying that hard to not go back in, more than likely that means he just does not want to go back in there and is doing everything he can not to go back in. Like get aggressive or fighting back when your trying to put him in, he probably feels like your forcing him into a box that he doesn't want to be in feeling threatened by it. Pawing at the glass is usually a sign that he is trying to get right back out. Mine does that but he only does it every now and again when you can see he is in cruising mode and is like "hmm i wonder what is out there" Rather than "oh **** oh **** i gotta get out of here" Sounds more like he just doesn't like his cage or possibly something is off about his husbandry that is messing with him in there. he may not like being in there rather than him trusting you more. What size is his cage and is that your guy in avatar?
Yeah that's him in the avatar. I need to update his picture.

He was in a 45x35x60 exo terra which is the size he was in from the reptile store but yesterday we super upgraded him to a 4ft x2ftx 2ft which has knocked his confidence a little being a new extremely bigger cage but he's had today to settle in and he's fine today still loves me and comes out when my hands there but he isn't pining to escape.


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Man thats an awesome looking guy! I love those oranges on him! Do they light up pretty orange when you take him outside? my guys has a lot of yellow and they shine when outside! Ya see he may have been feeling a little to cramped in the other cage, and sounds like he is doing better in the bigger one! I have read a lot of people that when their chams out grow their cages they display similar actions as your guy was. Im sure he will be back to his old self in no time and probably will still want to come out, just maybe not so frantically lol. When I up graded my guy to his big one which happened to be about the same time he got his big boy attitude oddly enough lol. He was still cool with me handling him the first few days, but I noticed when he became comfortable with his new home, he really started defending it and wanted nothing to do with me. Up until then he was really chill and relaxed letting me hold, handle, and carry him around. I think he just became a little more dominant and actually took some pride in his new found area. He would puff up and hiss at me when i would try to get him out, and would even lunge with his mouth gaping at me. This went on for about a month but I worked with him and he finally got better. He is by no means the same sweet guy he used to be but he still lets me hold him. I think we just got a bit of a compromise going on, because he will let me know when he has had enough handling for a day and I abide. Its good to hear that you got it all figured out and nice to hear he is getting back to himself so quickly!
Yeah this guys like a paint by numbers on drugs, I've never seen such contrasting colour changes in him. His natural colour are brown, light black, white and a rich crimsony red but he can go yellows, greens, whites oranges totally dependant on his mood but haven't discovered what each mean yet but he's still weary ok where he is and he isn't eating a lot which I'm monitoring but he's a little stressed with the move and he also had a run in with my older female which was interesting as he went jet black.
Yea man good lookin guy! Hes got that young mans face lol how old is he? You think he is not eating to much due to the move? LOL i guess he is young enough to be in the whole "girls got cudies" Stage huh?
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