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my name is melsa
i am looking to sell both my chams
Panther Chameleon, Chamuel L. Jackson
Veiled Chameleon, Chamelia Earhart

Chamuel is an Ambilobe Panther Chameleon was born approximately May 2020.
Chamuel’s sire and dam sire are/were both F1 YBBB; despite that he’s matured more orange than yellow. He was purchased from Brightside Chameleons in Wellington, Fl.

Chamelia is a Veiled Chameleon.
She was re-homed to me in December 2020. She was born approximately May 2020 as well. She was purchased by my friend for her daughter in July 2020 at Snakes at Su

Chamuel is in a ZooMed XL Reptibreeze cage. I have Dragon Strand ledges that I have not been able to attach just yet.

Chamelia is in a ZooMed S Reptibreeze cage. Also have the DSLedges that si haven’t been able to attach.
I also have ZooMed heatlamps, 36” UVB fixture + bulb + spare bulb for Chamuel and 24” UVB fixture + bulb + spare bulb for Chamelia. UVB bulbs are Arcadia. Heat bulbs are ZooMed.

I love my rainbow dinosaurs, but I unfortunately will not be able to give them the care and attention they need.
If you truly are interested, please let me know.
Also I systematically couldn’t post this in the chams for sale forum


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Not much to the setup.
This is the main reason why I want them re-homed because I can not provide them the correct husbandry and diet anymore.
Is there some way that we could help you to get your care on track so that you may keep your scaled babies? I don’t mean to pressure you and understand if life circumstances that are unchangeable are the reason you need to rehome your chams. They do have fantastic names btw.


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Pictures of the two from their Instagram.
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